Mesin Kasir / Electronic Cash Registers Sharp XE-A407

The XE-A407 cash register is the perfect answer for businesses requiring advanced functionality along with a separate thermal receipt journal. It features an advanced sales reporting system designed for use with QuickBooks® Pro®, two large displays, an alpha-numeric display for the operator and a numeric display for the customer, 7000 price look-ups (PLUs) and an extra-large cash drawer. For ease-of-use, the XE-A407 includes a PC-link software utility for easily programming of all PLUs, departments, and clerks via SD card. The XE-A407 also offers a graphic logo generator to let users customize logos and graphics to receipts.


  • Dual Roll Register Tape – Print individual copy for a customer and one for operator records.
  • 99 Pre-Programmed Departments – Easily separate product types.
  • 7000 Price Look-ups – For quick & accurate entry.
  • Directly Hardwire Credit Card Terminal – register automatically transfers transaction amount to credit terminal and opens drawer with card approval.*
  • 5-Line Operator and Single-line customer display – Allows the operator and customer easy viewing.
  • Thermal Printing – For fast print speed and quiet operation.
  • PC Link Software (via SD Card only) – For easy programming.
  • Graphics Logo Generation – Print logos or graphics on receipts.
  • SD Card Slot – For easy data backup/transfer/cloning
  • Quickbooks® Pro® – Link to the famous accounting software to integrate transactions (versions 2010-2013 supported).